Absorb complexity.
Transmit clarity.

We have the knowledge and experience to address every facet of how data and analytics affect a client’s organisation and performance.

Our guiding principles

We harness data, analytics and design to give organisations a clear path to improve performance.

When we combine our skills and approach with McKinsey & Company’s knowledge and expertise, we equip clients with an incomparable level of competitiveness.

  • Impact

    Performance is at the centre of everything we do. Inspired by sport, we know that the smallest edge can make the biggest difference. Our multidisciplinary team will help clients achieve that edge.

  • Trusted partnership

    Data is the lifeblood of any modern organsation, and trust is the currency of our engagements with clients.

    We strive to maintain the highest levels of data handling, governance and information security with our clients. Nothing is more important to us.

  • Transformational thinking

    The real power of analytics is embedding them into the operating model of an organisation.

    Our advanced analytics capabilities combined with McKinsey’s deep domain expertise and change management experience equip us with a powerful lens to evaluate and improve every facet of an organisation.

  • Boundary-breaking

    We believe that the most valuable insights happen at the boundaries of different disciplines, data, and techniques.

    Our client work focuses on combining data expertise with human judgement to reimagine and rework how a business can operate in the future.

  • Capability building

    To diagnose challenges and prioritise actions, we focus on capability building-not just the models. We follow a proven five-step protocol grounded in McKinsey’s decades of strategy work as well as our unique approach to discovering and exploiting data-driven insights.

    This is formed of: Ideation, Intelligence, Inception, Intervention, and Independence.

Our leadership

  • Sam Bourton

    Founder & Chief Technology Officer

    Sam is a published author and seasoned speaker, with 20 years’ experience in complex visual analytics and decision-support systems. Before co-founding QuantumBlack, he led the design and development of F1 trackside management software, developed a global collaboration platform for Bioinformatics researchers, and built a simulation platform used to analyse election results.

    Sam leads QuantumBlack’s technology and asset development strategy. He also founded our talented engineering team that includes software developers, analytics engineers, data engineers, creative web developers and data visualisation designers.

  • Jacomo Corbo, PhD

    Founder & Chief Scientist

    Jacomo focuses on the problem of applying AI and other technology to improving the quality and scalability of QuantumBlack’s client delivery. He is passionate about helping organizations adopt AI at scale to radically improve their performance.

    He is also a Senior Fellow at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and was the Canada Research Chair in Information and Performance Management at the University of Ottawa between 2011 and 2015. Between 2006 and 2008, he was the Chief Race Strategist for the Renault F1 Team. He also holds a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard University.

  • Jeremy Palmer


    Jeremy joined QuantumBlack as CEO in 2014, and has overseen the company’s rapid growth and emergence as a global leader in the use of advanced analytics to drive performance improvement and innovation from data. He is also a Senior Partner of McKinsey.

    Jeremy has decades of wide ranging leadership experience, from the military to global financial services firms in Europe and Asia, to early stage digital and technical venture capital. He is deeply committed to the principles of continuous learning and reinvention, and the importance of strong culture and organisational values when growing successful teams. Jeremy is also currently Chairman of Day One Trust, which prepares young people for careers in the creative industries, and a Trustee of The Art Fund.

  • Alex Singla

    Co-Lead of North America

    Alex co-leads QuantumBlack North America. He is also a Senior Partner with McKinsey & Company where he is the global leader of McKinsey's Digital & Analytics Operations practice and a global leader within McKinsey Transformation. In these roles, he helps companies transform their frontline sales and service operations, customer experience, and corporate and business functions by deploying digital and analytics solutions and ensuring these solutions go from pilot to full-scale adoption and scaling.

    He passionately embeds change management and capability building as core elements to every transformation to ensure sustainable and step-change improvements in growth, effectiveness, cost, and profitability.

  • Jules Seeley

    Co-Lead of North America

    Jules co-leads QuantumBlack North America . He also leads McKinsey’s global advanced analytics and digital work in the Travel, Transport and Logistics Practice. In his nearly two decades with McKinsey, he has developed deep experience serving transport and industrial clients in areas such as operational efficiency and transformation, regulatory strategy, talent, capital investment programmes, maintenance, commercial sales and loyalty, and digital transformation across the private and public sector.

    He is supporting many of these organisations to deploy digital and advanced analytics approaches and capabilities to bring about fundamental changes to improve decision making and performance.

  • Helen Mayhew

    Chief Operating Officer, Europe

    Helen brings her analytical skills to diverse projects, ranging from commercial expansion to front-line team performance optimisation. She has guided leading organisations on their journeys, advising top executives and leaders on the potential for insight and innovation through advanced analytics. As COO, she is scaling the company and its impact around the world as she helps clients do the same.

    Helen has a particular interest is building clients’ analytical organisations and skills, having honed these herself founding the McKinsey’s Analytics Academy. She is also responsible for progressing applied ethical and sustainable AI across our projects.

  • Tom Meakin

    Chief Operating Officer, Europe

    As Chief Operating Officer of Europe, Tom is responsible for growing QuantumBlack around the world to keep pace with client demands, defining its strategy with McKinsey, and sustaining its performance and health as the company scales.

    Tom is also a Partner at McKinsey and leads its Consumer Tech & Media practice in Europe. He uses analytics to help clients with their most critical strategic and commercial issues including building new businesses powered by data, launching sophisticated marketing campaigns and exploring potential adjacencies. He leads McKinsey’s research on CEO excellence, which uses data to understand the link between executive actions and company performance.

  • Tim Fountaine

    Head of Australia, New Zealand

    Tim works with a range of public and private organisations on matters related to advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Leading QuantumBlack Australia and New Zealand, alongside being a partner at McKinsey, the scope of Tim’s work spans countries and industries giving him a truly global perspective on the latest issues facing companies.

    As part of McKinsey and QuantumBlack’s Analytics Academy, Tim has taught over 1,000 executives the fundamentals of building an AI-powered organisation. His writing on this topic was featured on the cover of the Harvard Business Review. Prior to joining McKinsey, Tim was a physician and holds a doctorate in neuroscience from the University of Oxford, where he was a Commonwealth Scholar.

  • Pepe Cafferata

    Head of Latin America

    Pepe drives QuantumBlack’s growth in Latin America. He is passionate about helping clients unlock significant value through analytics and data, and in supporting leading organisations through their advanced analytics transformation journey.

    Pepe is a Partner at McKinsey & Company, where he has worked in Latin America, United States and Europe serving financial institutions and other companies on a variety of strategic, analytics, commercial, operational and technology issues. He also has 15 years of leadership experience in global financial services firms, where he held regional and country-level Executive Committee positions in areas such as strategy, analytics, CRM, marketing, digital channels and customer experience.

  • Noshir Kaka


    Noshir is Co-Chairman of QuantumBlack and a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company. With more than 20 years’ experience in strategy development, Noshir has helped the world’s leading organisations shape their approach to analytics and performance improvement. He has helped governments in India and beyond harness the opportunities of the digital revolution, advising on policy development and the transformation of public services.

    Noshir was Managing Director of McKinsey’s India office until 2016. He is a member of McKinsey’s Shareholders’ Council board of directors and is on the McKinsey Knowledge Centre’s advisory board. His work has appeared across global titles including The Economist, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

  • Kate Smaje

    Senior Advisor

    As a Senior Advisor, Kate draws upon her extensive experience with McKinsey, where she leads the digital consumer work across Europe. She helps retailers and consumer-facing companies to capture the opportunities afforded by new growth platforms, rethinking their consumer-engagement models and improving organisational performance.

    Kate has steered numerous initiatives to help clients develop omni-channel operating models, capture new growth opportunities, and adapt for their organisations. A particular focus of Kate’s work is on designing, delivering and turbocharging digital transformations — a crucial imperative as industry dynamics evolve.

  • Nicolaus Henke, PhD


    Nicolaus is Chairman of QuantumBlack and Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company. He brings decades of experience in applying analytical techniques to challenges facing pharma, healthcare, industrial and financial institutions.

    He helped found and scale McKinsey Analytics, whose team of 5,000 technologists and consultants help companies create analytics and AI delivery models, and oversaw McKinsey’s acquisition of QuantumBlack. As chairman he oversees QuantumBlack’s growth as McKinsey’s center of analytics excellence, alongside various technology partnerships forged by McKinsey and QuantumBlack with other firms in the field of AI. He chairs McKinsey’s Technology Council, which gathers tech leaders from across industries and McKinsey to assess trends and developments in business and technology.

    Previously, Nicolaus led McKinsey’s worldwide digital and analytics practices, as well as the global healthcare practice. He holds master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Münster and was a John J. McCloy Scholar at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He delivers frequent talks on responsible AI, data-enabled cultures and the importance of AI use of protocols.

  • Kat Shenton

    Head of Marketing & Communications

    Kat Shenton is Head of Marketing & Communications globally at QuantumBlack. She oversees all internal and external communications as well as working closely with the QuantumBlack Labs team to shape the Firm’s open source initiatives and engagement with the global developer and tech community.

    Kat plays an integral role in introducing QuantumBlack to a variety of audiences, from data and design professionals, to clients and university students. Through Kat’s expertise and support, QuantumBlack consistently highlights the power of data and the need for a fair, ethical and accurate data analytics industry. With more than 15 years’ experience in B2B communications and marketing agencies, Kat has helped established and emerging brands develop and present their stories.

  • Helen Mullings

    Global Chief HR Officer

    Helen is a leading figure in the human resources industry, having led professional development for McKinsey & Company in the UK & Ireland for over 10 years. She is focused on building a unique culture and development environment within QuantumBlack, where talented technical specialists can flourish and attain their very best.

    Helen is passionate about diversity and regularly speaks and writes on gender diversity issues. She helped grow the McKinsey & Company UK office into a flagship for women’s representation and progression and is committed to ensuring that QuantumBlack follows a similar path, as it scales.

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