QuantumBlack were acquired by McKinsey & Company in December 2015.
For details, please see the press release below.

December 2015

Acquisition of QuantumBlack

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of QuantumBlack by McKinsey & Company — creating a global data-driven performance firm operating at the interface of strategy, analytics, and design.

After pioneering the use of cutting-edge analytics and design to unlock performance gain from data, we’re now in the position to deliver that competitive edge to our clients at far greater scale by partnering with the most influential management consulting powerhouse.

Today we’re beginning the next stage of our journey. QuantumBlack will – while remaining an independent and unique company – become part of the McKinsey family as a fully owned subsidiary.

QuantumBlack has had a clear purpose since 2009: to use data, analytics and design to help clients reimagine how they operate and be the best they can be.

This milestone marks a major step in our evolution towards the firm we’ve always aspired to be: working with amazing people on truly distinctive projects, solving worthwhile problems with cutting-edge technology and the highest quality design.

Forming this unique partnership combines QuantumBlack’s expertise in data science, advanced analytics, engineering, and visualisation with McKinsey’s depth and breadth in management consulting, strategic insight and operational horsepower. This, we believe, will give our clients a unique perspective and lasting new capabilities.

Whilst delighted to be joining the McKinsey family, we are also proud to retain our unique identity. Our brand will continue to reflect the essence of how we creatively unlock performance - namely, our people, our purpose and our ethos.

Our organisations are different in many ways, but both have at their core brilliant people, a culture of continuous improvement, and an unrelenting commitment to giving our clients an edge in how they perform.