Oil Field Optimisation

Using advanced analytics to minimise loss production opportunities through optimal operational decisions

We worked with a major O&G company to optimise oil production from wells while minimising risk from temporary well shut ins

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A major O&G company was facing operational pressures in the near future. Natural reservoir pressure decline meant there would be wells at risk of temporary shut in due to liquid load up in the coming years. When a well shuts down, the impact is reflected in loss production opportunity (LPO) plus costs associated with artificial lift measures. Absence of historical data and complexity of the mathematical approach were main challenges the organisation could not overcome for the last 2 years

Insight and Action

Apply advanced analytical techniques (dynamic simulation, predictive machine learning models, Bayesian optimisation) to identify optimal line up configuration and chokes settings to: minimise risks of temporary liquid loading risk optimise field oil and gas production while meeting set of constraints (plant processing capacity, pressure constraints, etc.) Deploy a cloud-based infrastructure with scalable computational power and a simple command line interface to enable users interact with the model



    Wells across the oil field


    Models at the gathering line level


    Required to run a simulation

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